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US Better Off Rethinking Online Casino Policy

The online casino industry is a money making business. Big money. One of the biggest indeed. That is the secret of its existence and the promise for its continued existence for the years to come and for some years after that too. With sums in the billions of US dollars, there is no way it will disappear from the Internet anytime soon. Therefore, it is peculiar that the United States of all places is trying to expel it, push it off from its territories and prevent American citizens from gambling at online casino sites. More importantly, prevent American companies from benefitting from it.

When looking at the online casino operations around the entire globe, the industry is expected to rake about $18 billion US this year alone. The common wisdom has the industry growing steadily and reaching sums in the neighborhood of $25 billion US by the year 2010. Is this really the smartest time to try and disassociate oneself from a winning formula? That seems to be the United States approach to the online casino market from the moves and decisions it makes and takes.

One sign of what will eventually happen if the US continues implementing its policy and persecuting online casino operators is the growth in the volume of businesses other countries are witnessing. Take for example the US’s northern neighbor, Canada. “Canada is probably the world’s largest provider of online gambling services,” according to a gaming analyst of the University of Lethbridge. To stay in the game, literally and figuratively speaking, the US should reconsider what is at stake. Billions of dollars that are going to be bet either way, but might generate billions in tax money, or a stern approach that fights what very well might be stronger than this or that law.

OCA News Editor