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Americans Meet at Web 2.0, then at Online Casino

The American way of life gets criticized by people around the world and by some in the United States as well. The success-driven, dollar idealizing and tall office building setting is looked down upon by those who emphasize a community belonging and environmentally organic setting. But such sentiment is not entirely correct, and surprisingly enough, the online casino industry, which critics may single out to demonstrate the entire “problem” as they see it, may in fact serve to demonstrate the opposite. The thing to remember is that times have changed.

The market at the center of town of old, which one could have found in the ancient Polis and in varying forms in later centuries too, is no longer something we should really expect. The inhabitants of any city no longer have a place of meeting of this sort. Times have changed and technology has reshaped our lives, there is no arguing with that. The latest stage in this development, and definitely not the final one at that, is the Internet. And the latest of the Internet ages is what is referred to as Web 2.0. These communities online are not only growing and filling the community needs of many Americans, but is even fueling the online casino business.

It is no coincidence that Time Magazine has crowned Tila Tequila, The Queen of online community website MySpace, as Person of the Year. With well over a million friends, Ms. Tequila is not only a business success but also the center of a large community of people. Now, as she prepares to launch an online casino, the millions strong online community will add yet another aspect. Even if it is fresh and rebellion, untraditional and, for some, wild, the Internet and online casino gambling are a thing of the present, if not the future.

OCA News Editor