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Step in Right Direction for US Online Casino Sites

American gamblers have experienced a set back to their favorite pastime recently, once again, with the new development in the authorities implementing the ban on online casino gambling. What was possible still to do, bet at online casino sites using certain payment methods until the law takes full effect in the summer, has turned out to be risky business. The arrest of the NETeller founders, which has brought to the termination of the NETeller services to American gamblers at online casinos, has been one of the lowest points to which the industry has come to this far.

But as the saying goes – once you’re down, there’s no other way than going up – so did the good news follow. This week, an online casino giant – one of the biggest players in the American market and in general – has announced a new payment service to replace NETeller and continue serving gamblers. Not only will it offer a means to continue gambling, it will actually provide a respite to the gamblers from the troubling news they are already accustomed to see online with regard to their hobby.

NuCharge is an advanced and secure method which provides gamblers with the online casino payment service they seek. Gamblers may use their credit cards, make deposits into online accounts and then deposit at the online casino cashier. By purchasing prepaid long distance phone cards, for multiples of one hundred dollars, gamblers can then purchase the same amount of cash at the online casino. The payment method is a local solution, catering Americans at certain online casino sites. But it is nonetheless a sign of the industry kicking back and working out the current situation to continue doing what it does so well, legally, safely.

OCA News Editor