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US Still Gambling at Online Casino Sites

While some online casino companies have stopped all of their United States facing operations, ceasing altogether to serve the American gambling market, others have chosen to stay. The latter companies, at least as of now, several months before the law goes into effect, have proven wise in their choice. Positive reports from the online casino companies show that the US market is still gambling and gambling strong. Traffic is up and some payment methods still serve the gamblers in continuing their gambling.

The exit from the US market by many online casino companies may be understood on several levels and lines of reasoning. One is the fear of the immediate repercussions of the ban on online casino gambling. The loss of market value was evidence of this risk. The other is the choice to shift focus onto the global market outside of the US, the sooner the better, as it is the inevitable next frontier. Companies wished to hurry in turning their focus before finding themselves too late, missing the international train. Another reasoning line could be a protest against the US policy that had the companies simply give-up the market and abandon it.

But did it make business sense? Online casino companies that have stayed in the country to serve Americans prove that staying was wiser and more profitable. American gamblers are determined to keep gambling at online casino sites, and as long as the law allows and payment services continue operating in the US they will continue doing so. As they do, the online casino industry will not shrink, some companies will make a hefty profit and lawmakers in the country may notice the public opinion is strongly for online gambling and might even change their minds (and the law books).

It seems that the online casino reaction to the state of affairs lacks coherence, with every company reacting in a different manner. An online casino company executive said of the law that it itself “is illogical, inconsistent and ill-conceived.”

OCA News Editor