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US Poker Players Need Not Worry about Wire Act

The 1961 Federal Interstate Wire Act in the US is an outdated law that needs to be put into perspective. Why? Because US online casino players want to continue to visit online casinos and with this, and the recent passing of the UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, online casino fans need some good news regarding the online gambling industry. Allyn Jaffray Shulman, a respected legal expert in the US has done exactly this and written an article on a leading online casino site.

Shulman is a practicing criminal defense attorney, who has lectured all over California, teaching other US attorneys the fine points of criminal defense. She specializes in legal research and has been closely following the development of gaming law and the online casino industry ever since Jay Cohen was convicted in New York of operating an online casino sports betting business from Antigua in violation of the Wire Act.

The article that this US attorney has written should be required reading for every Department of Justice official who wishes to apply the law to online casino gaming. Shulman says that after researching the 1961 Federal Interstate Wire Act, she concludes that online casino poker playing is not included in its reach for many reasons.

These reasons include the words of the statute which specifically forbid sports betting and nothing more, case law construes the statute as applying to sports betting, the only case on point to address the issue specifically found that the Wire Act does not apply to online casino gaming, and recent proposed amendments to the Wire Act demonstrate that government officials do not believe that the statute forbids online casino gambling. It is probably refreshing to many online casinos fans in the US that someone has stepped up and properly addressed this issue regarding the online casino industry. Hopefully Shulman will have an impact concerning the US Congress and will help more online gambling fans understand the Wire Act better.

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