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Online Casino Traffic Drops Due to US Anti-Gambling Law

Online casino sites saw a drop in the number of online casino players visiting online gambling sites due to the recent anti-gambling law that was passed by the US Congress and President George W. Bush. Now, American online casinos players will not be able to play at Internet gambling sites, as well as transfer money to financial companies in order to continue playing at online casinos.

Because the US market was such a large presence in the online casino industry, many online casino sites and companies took a severe blow when the bill was passed into law. Although many English-speaking countries have legalized online casino gambling, such as the UK and Australia, their markets were not as big, as a whole, for the online casino sector. This is the main reason why traffic dropped and many online gambling sites simply went out of business.

The future of the online casino industry in both the US and the world is unknown. The impact of the loss of the US market has been significant. Whether or not the current Congress, which is now dominated by the Democratic Party, will deal with overturning the current law remains to be seen. In the meantime, American online casino fans will simply have to wait and see, anxiously, what will happen next, while European and players in Asia will continue to enjoy betting at their favorite online casino.

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