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US Congress Divided on Online Casino Gaming

As the online casino industry deals with the recent legislation passed by the US Congress, banning online casino gaming and money transactions being conducted between online casinos players and financial companies, experts warn that the industry and Internet gambling fans could see many years go by before the US government will be willing to consider regulating and legalizing online gambling. To Internet gamblers, this is a sad state of affairs.

‘If it comes up again, they’re going to say, ‘We’ve already dealt with that issue’. They were exhausted by this latest effort,’ said David Stewart, a Washington attorney who advises the American Gaming Association. Because of the constant coverage this subject has had in the news both in the US and around the world, the online casino industry has been the focus among many legal analysts and online casino players alike. The online gambling fans hope that under the new Congress, where the Democratic Party rules the majority, this anti-gambling law will be overturned.

Most likely, however, this will not occur for a long time. As the US players wait for their chance to legally visit an online casino, other online gambling enthusiasts around the world will continue to enjoy online casino gaming without thinking about breaking the law. Hopefully, for the players who are waiting in the wings, the law will be overturned, no matter how long it takes. Only time will reveal how the US Congress will deal with the online casino industry in the future.

OCA News Editor

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