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Online Casino Bettors Win Big on US Election

The recent Democratic victory in the US is making headlines in the news both in America and around the world. But no group of people are more excited to hear this news than online casino fans that placed their bets at online casinos sports betting sites and cashed in on this year’s Congressional elections. Online casino political punters helped produce record-breaking betting action at sports betting sites proving that the US election was more important than many would have imagined.

‘Political betting has always been an interest for our clients. We were expecting to see plenty of betting on the US Senate odds, but we never expected betting to be as heavy as it was. All 33 wagers were bet on very heavily, and nearly every wager had a clearly defined favorite that drew 90 percent, if not more, of all bets,’ says Calvin Ayre, Founder of one of the leading online casino groups that offered odds on the election. Even the voting average was raised – it seems Americans truly wanted a change this term, and online casino fans were no different!

This outcome just goes to show that the online casino can bring more to people’s lives than simply providing a top online gambling experience. For online casino fans, getting involved in props bets – specifically political ones – the experience is both fun and interactive. With the numbers of bettors who placed odds on the Congressional election, one can only imagine how many bettors will participate in the props bets for the 2008 Presidential election!

OCA News Editor