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Election betting at online casino sites

The 2006 United States general elections will be held on Tuesday, November 7. Federal elections are held every two years in the United States, the current falling midway through the second term of the President’s Administration. Political polls repeatedly fail to predict the winners, mainly counting on our forgetfulness from the last round of predictions. But “online casino polls,” which are organized betting events on elections hosted by online casino sites, are a much more exact alternative.

Online casino sites like Sportingbet and others regularly offer betting on election results from across the world. Not only are the Mid Term Elections being waged on, but also the New Zealand elections (November 2006), the Australian Federal Elections (July 2007) and even the 2008 Presidential elections in the United States. Like American Presidential candidates, the online casino sites too have launched their betting zone for the political event two years away.

Usually, the betting odds offered for political elections are over the winner only. As simple as it sounds, online casino election betting is quite exact with its predictions. Studies show that election betting by financial districts, such as Wall Street in the past and online casino sites nowadays, correctly predict winners.

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