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Do online casino sites speak American?

The PBS will broadcast Robert McNeil’s show “Do you Speak American?” in January in the United States. In the three hour show McNeil crosses America and asks the same question: Do you speak English or American? The answers he receives are colored with different dialects and accents, making clear that American-English is a multifaceted language. The difference between the language spoken in the US and that spoken in the UK is even greater. So is the talk over the online casino industry being held in both countries. English or American, the outlook of the online casino issue is uncommon.

The Internet payment and transfer method, popular amongst online casino gamblers, NETeller, said its revenues increased by nearly 50% in the third quarter of the year, up to $67 million. Over 3,000 new members join the service every day, and the number of clients totals over three million. Interestingly enough, two-thirds of the new customers are from the US, where the future of online casino is somewhat unclear at this point in time.

Unlike other UK-based payment methods used at online casino sites, which are pulling out from the American market, NETeller has made no changes in its American operations. But the direction the industry regulation is going seems to distance the American online casino market from the English one. Like the languages spoken in both countries, it seems that the gambling industries might also go in different directions.

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