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Why the U.S. Banned Online Casinos

Many questions are likely in your mind, dear reader, as to why the U.S. banned online casinos. Well, the short answer is that Washington just didn’t like online casinos companies. The long answer (which is more complicated and nuanced) is that those who support online casinos gambling were outnumbered by those who don’t. Whatever the complexity of the answer, it is important to remember first and foremost that the U.S. and Europe have long taken different stances on many issues far aside from online gambling.

One of the major reasons that U.S. government officials wanted to ban online casinos is that they saw it as an unregulated business that, being based overseas and offshore from certain markets, wouldn’t adapt well to U.S. tax laws. Another major reason is that what with state lotteries and major gambling establishments in places like Las Vegas and to a lesser extent Atlantic City, the U.S. government has likely reached its tolerance point or saturation point when it comes to online casinos gambling attempting to sit at the same table as legitimate, recognized casinos industry participants.

A final reason, and perhaps one of the biggest reasons if not the biggest that the U.S. Congress, Justice Department, and Bush Administration opposed online casinos is that Washington does not want to be a party any more than it already is to an increase in problem gambling around the United States. There are few easier ways for a gambling-addicted person to get even more addicted than by having a casino legally set up not simply down the street or a short drive away, but right in a person’s living room.

OCA News Editor