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Online Casino Center of Gravity Shifting

With the signing into law of a bill in the United States that effectively bans online casino companies from conducting business there and Americans from paying for wagers at any online casino brazen enough to still try to do so, a slight but subtle shift might be under way to make the United Kingdom the world’s online gambling capital. While U.S. gamblers were estimated in recent weeks to make up at least 50% of online casino revenues, a concerted effort by casino executives to shore up their dealings in the U.K. could help alleviate any shortfall in long-term profits.

This is because when compared to the U.S. dollar, the U.K. pound has a significantly higher value at the moment. So long as the pound sterling remains in as strong a position as it is vis-?-vis the American currency and other world currencies, the pound might become the betting standard at online casinos. While this could lead temporarily to fewer wagers from those living in countries that do not have the most favorable rates of exchange with the U.K. compared with the U.S., in time the number of deposits and wagers could be steady enough.

Few harbor doubts that this might take some time to happen, but looking at the numbers it is apparent that the serious blow suffered by the online casino industry as of late can be recovered from. And once online casino gambling is firmly entrenched in the U.K., as so many other things have we might see a legalized online casino gambling invasion into the U.S. that is looked upon by U.S. officials not with trepidation, but rather dollar signs in their eyes.

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