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Online Casinos and American Courts

How in the world will online casinos ever gain legitimacy in the United States? With a Congress openly opposed to online gambling, will the only recourse of companies – that are deemed to be carrying out illegal activities – specializing in online casinos have be to take the federal government to court? With a conservative bent on the new Supreme Court of Chief Justice John Roberts, do online casinos operators even have a chance that they will get a remotely fair hearing within the U.S. justice system?

The answer, actually, is yes. Just because there is an apparent conservative tone to the nation’s highest court, there are liberals on the bench who are as wary about governmental interference into the financial lives of Americans as fiscal and, truth be told, ACTUAL conservatives should be. Even so, the online casinos industry has a lot going against it due to the unregulated nature of the business and the already disrespectful attitude online casinos companies have adopted toward U.S. policies vis-?-vis U.S. commerce and anti-online casinos gambling sentiment.

Gambling, in many forms, is popular in the United States. Had online casinos taken a different tack, we might be talking today about a regulated online casinos industry within America. Since the online casinos have blown that chance, the best they can hope for at the moment is to comply with U.S. rulings while pursuing their business interests in such a way which shows that the online casinos companies respect U.S. laws, and don’t see them as non-applicable for themselves.

OCA News Editor