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America Versus the Online Casino World

The United States are, collectively, one of the most gambling-friendly nations on the planet. So why is it, exactly, that online casino companies have such a hard time making inroads in America? There is stiff opposition to online gambling on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country. Is it because there is something inherently wrong with online casino gambling that people object to? What differentiates online gambling from land-based casino gambling? Is one really better than the other?

Online casino operators are, usually, well aware that there are disadvantages to being what they are. They are not regulated like the casinos of Nevada, and they do not have amusement park rides or themed restaurants that make them more family-friendly. At the same time, it may very well be the case that land-based casino companies perceive a threat from online casino companies, in that land-based casinos are limited by their geography whereas online casinos are accessible, at least theoretically, anywhere on the planet.

The danger seen posed by online casino companies is essentially that they are largely unregulated and that there are no guarantees that the games are fair, whatever is spoken about Random Number Generators. Until online casino companies can prove, somehow, that they can be trusted it is likely that the U.S. Congress will continue to pass laws banning online casino gambling, even if Americans themselves enjoy gambling at an online casino to pass the time.

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