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Betting on U.S. Sports at a Casino Online

If it’s baseball odds you’re looking for these days, then the NY Yankees are always a popular choice to bet both for and against. When it comes to the New York Yankees at online casino sites, or in general, you either love the Bronx Bombers or you hate them. Some people prefer to choose the New York Mets rather than the Yankees, as even with their so-so record the Yankees with their budget and players seem to usually be the team to beat. Online casino odds makers are aware of this, in a big way.

For the Yanks, Bobby Abreu is batting over .370 since his trade from the Philadelphia Phillies. His numbers are without a doubt impressive, but there is an issue that many online casino and sports book odds makers are not taking into account when they publish their odds. What most are not considering is that Abreu is very effective working pitchers deep into the count (as are a number of other Yankee hitters).

Deep counts mean that opposing pitchers pitch less deeply into the game; this means that the opponents middle relief pitcher must pitch more innings. Typically, middle relief pitching provides the weakest pitching for the team, and true to form the Yankees have been killing teams in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings when they’re winning big. How can you take advantage at an online casino or sports book? By playing against the Yankees with 5 inning bets.

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