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Release of Online Casino Ex-CEO Stalled by Bail Requirement

David Carruthers, the ex-CEO of Bet On Sports, a leading online casino and sports betting site, remained in a St. Louis jail because a dedicated phone line had not been installed in his new local residence as required by the bail conditions. All other conditions, including the US 1 million dollar payment, had been met, according to Carruthers’ lawyer, Scott Rosenblum. Online casinos fans are definitely interested in learning how this situation will unfold.

There are other conditions which have been included, apparently, such as e-tagging and a requirement to remain within the St. Louis city precincts. This holds true until his trial on allegations contained in a 22 count indictment is held. The indictment includes charges of racketeering and fraud, among other charges. Carruthers was arrested nearly a month ago while on his way to Costa Rica. He was stopped in transit through Fort Worth, Texas. Shortly after his arrest, Carruthers was fired from his position as CEO of the online casino company. He is being prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway in St. Louis. The online casino company still operates, but has closed all of its US-focused operations.

The case is one of the largest US prosecutions of an online casino company. Federal prosecutors insisted that none of Carruthers’ bond money come from the treasury of the online casino company, Rosenblum explained. He would not disclose how Carruthers came up with the full payment, but said all the money was raised through legal means. Rosenblum said he now expected Carruthers to be released Wednesday. Hanaway said she will continue to prosecute the case against Bet On Sports regardless of the company’s decision to close its offices and US-based bets. She explained that this particular move does not forgive the company from taking illegal bets in the past.

OCA News Editor