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Online Casino Company Fires Jailed CEO

The online casino industry was shocked recently when United States authorities arrested Bet on Sport online casino company CEO, David Carruthers, while he was en route from London to the online casino company’s base in Costa Rica. The US authorities have charged Carruthers with violating the American Wire Act, fraud and other offences. Since his arrest, Carruthers has been imprisoned in the United States and is waiting to hear when he will be brought to trial. As a result, he has not been able to perform his managerial duties for the online casino company.

Bet on Sports online casino company has taken steps to fire Carruthers from his job as CEO of the firm, stating that since his incarceration, they have been unable to speak to him. The online casino company is also distancing itself from other key figures in the case built against it by US authorities. Besides Carruthers, police have also issued a warrant for the arrest of David Kaplan, one of the founders of the online casino company, who is charged with over 20 counts of conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud.

As a result of these dramatic changes in the online casino industry, other companies have been jittery to say the least. Many online casino companies have forbidden their executives to travel to the United States and gambling conferences have been cancelled for the summer. The industry is waiting to see whether this is the beginning of a more widespread attack on the gambling industry as a whole, or whether this particular company was the sole focus of the authorities’ attention.

OCA News Editor