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Online Casino Fraudster Apprehended

A recent online casino industry drama had ended with the arrest of David Howe, an alleged online casino fraudster, who is accused of selling online casino sites to unsuspecting people followed by his disappearance. A Denver television channel had exposed Howe on April of this year and he was recently apprehended by Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Arizona Department of Gaming. Howe was tracked down after numerous complaints on his company selling online casino sites for as little as 999 dollars, by innocent people who were looking to work from home and were allured by the online casino industry’s hype.

These promised revenues, however, never materialized and many people were left with basic online casino sites which do not generate any profit and no one to answer their questions. These buyers, who were promised to make as much as 25,000 dollars in only three months, continued to try and reach Venture Concepts company, which is believed to be operated by Howe and those who were answered were soon to regret it. Howe, taking further advantage of the situation, suggested that the online casino site is not getting enough publicity and recommended on better listing of the online casino sites in search engines, extorting additional thousands of dollars from people who turned to his advice.

Only when Denver television channel found Howe’s company’s offices and discovered that it is vacant, did people realize the scam. Howe is now charged with selling online casino sites to clients who were to operate them from their US located homes and faces charges of professional gambling, fraud, computer crimes and providing gambling information. Colorado’s Attorney General, john Suthers, said that if a company, knowing full well that online casino gaming is illegal, produced sites for promoting that online gaming, it is without a doubt, an illegal activity.

OCA News Editor