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Bollywood Style Gaming Site Launched by Online Casino

The Maharajah Club, an online casino with a unique gaming brand, will become the first online gaming site specifically targeting the Asian market. The online casino will focus on a market of over 300 million people of Asian origin, including over 3 million in the UK alone. This week the site will make its debut at this year’s Asian Lifestyle Show.

‘This is a brand new audience for online gaming and we are extremely proud and excited to be the only company dedicated to serving the South East Asian market,’ said Maharajah Club’s CEO, Sachin Pawa. It seems that South East Asians are becoming more passionate about embracing certain aspects of Western activities, such as online casino gaming. And because this online casino is appealing to this audience, the site has strong ties to Bollywood, the region’s movie and film center, as well as to several leading celebrities.

So if you are in this particular region, and you like to play at online casino sites that bring you a great casino experience without having to go to the gambling cities of the world, this is the site for you! Just visit the site and give this online casino a try. You will get to see all of your favorite Bollywood actors and celebrities as you enjoy playing great casino favorites from the comfort and convenience of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Visit today and start on the road to entertainment and winning!

OCA News Editor