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Washington, Fairness and Online Gambling

Is the official U.S. position regarding online casino gambling fair? Fair to whom, would probably be the correct answer to this question, even though it is not a direct answer. Because while some online casino gamblers might be angry about the U.S. taken a dim view toward online casino gambling, ordinary Americans probably appreciate the necessity of not allowing unregulated online casino companies to advertise in America and take their money. Is it fair to the online casino industry, though, and the majority of companies within it that are honest and just want to make a buck (or a euro or a pound) like other companies?

Issues of fairness and gambling are probably paradoxical. Sure, it might seem unfair that online casino companies cannot operate legally in the United States, but isn’t equally unfair to law-abiding citizens when online casino companies brazenly operate inside the U.S. anyway, contrary to U.S. laws meant to protect U.S. citizens? Probably. And let us not forget, gambling is in itself not the most fair of activities – the odds are with the house, and while winning is possible it doesn’t happen to everyone.

Without a doubt, many are those who feel slighted – treated unfairly – by land-based casino companies and online casinos alike. Sure, the U.S. doesn’t approve of online casinos, but Americans are still gambling anyway. Is that fair to the U.S. government? Maybe, because more than likely while Washington wouldn’t approve, the U.S. economy is likely getting a boost whenever winners spend money that they’ve collected from an online casino. So again, issues of fairness might be a little inappropriate when talking about online gambling.

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