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Opinion and U.S. Online Casino Gambling

Only some sort of massive shift of opinion amongst American government officials, elected and unelected, can enable online casinos to gain legality in the U.S. While thousands of U.S. citizens sign onto and play games at online casino sites every day, their government for a variety of reasons is against online gambling in principle. Online casino companies, Washington says, are not regulated and therefore Americans would be at risk for being taken advantage of. Being taken advantage of is not something most people like, so from this aspect it is understandable.

Online gambling, while not approved of by Washington, is still a popular activity for many web surfers. Those who like to gamble, want to practice for free, or simply waste time (and maybe a little money) can sign onto an online casino and play real games, play games for fun without the need to worry about losing money, or waste that time and their money from the comfort of their own homes or offices. For the great thing about online casino gambling is that it is convenient. In no way can online casinos challenge the regular, land-based gambling establishments or traditions, but that was never really a goal in the first place.

And the environment is changing. Because there technically is no specific law that targets online casino gambling or prohibits it in the U.S., online casino companies are advertising more, holding tournaments for U.S. citizens, and basically carrying out their operations with a wink from Washington that so long as they don’t violate concrete laws or treat Americans unfairly, they can operate relatively freely without being harassed by government officials…possibly even so long as they agree to pay taxes to the federal or state governments where they are operating.

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