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U.S. Policy and Online Casino Gambling

If you like online gambling and live in the U.S., what are your options considering that the government is, on principle, opposed to online gambling? Well, America has a history of people flouting the rules of so-called authority in order to live their lives as they please, and while the results have arguably been mixed for both the country, its society, and the future, the fact that there is no one specific law that targets online casinos at the federal level means that those who gamble online are likely free to do so as long as their own state doesn’t have laws on the books that do ban online casino gambling.

Many states have legislatures and governors that are opposed to online casino gambling, and citizens who live in such states should probably pay attention to their state laws in order to ensure that they are obeying the laws. Even if they have no inherent respect for abiding by the law, if they wish to avoid prosecution for the sake of avoiding the hassle they might wish to make an exception in this case. Of course, laws drafted and passed with good reason, and meant to protect citizens, should always be respected.

Whatever your opinion may be of online casino gambling, or the attempt to legislate for or against online gambling, a lot of people in the U.S. like to do it. Online gambling is a popular activity for those who live in areas with internet connections but no convenient or reasonable access to regular land-based casino locations. Whether Washington will go after those who gamble online with a specific law targeting online casinos isn’t known right now, but time will of course always tell in this and many other cases like it.

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