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Online Casino Approval and the U.S.

If the United States were to approve of online casino gambling officially, there would be celebrations all across the gambling world. This is because, in part, the online casino world has been waiting for the U.S. to seriously give online gambling a chance Washington has previously never given it. Of course, what with Washington’s pre-occupation with the War on Terror and mid-term elections this November, the likelihood of online casino gambling gaining legalization in the United States anytime soon is highly unlikely.

Online casino gambling just isn’t a hot-button issue in the United States. Before it, in line in terms of importance, is a litany of other issues: abortion, taxes, privacy rights, national security, illegal immigration, and of course the economy. An attempt could be made at mixing the online casino issue with privacy rights (for instance, insisting that online casino usage is a private matter and that attempts by the federal government to restrict it violate one’s privacy to spend their money in a reasonable way, as they wish), but it likely wouldn’t be taken too seriously at this point in time.

Since online casino gambling is a leisure activity, it is not a matter of national priority. There are the rare times that the U.S. government does get involved in leisure activities, such as when Congress investigates steroid usage by professional baseball players, but they happen because there is a widespread public demand for it. Online casinos have fans, of course, in the United States. Americans make up a big percentage of online gamblers. But as a political issue, it just doesn’t tug at American heartstrings yet, if ever it will.

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