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Online Casino Gambling Addiction Takes West Virginia by Surprise

Gambling experts in West Virginia did not foresee that online casino gambling was going to become so popular in the last three years. While they were quite aware that online casino gambling was gaining momentum in the industry, they did not realize just how many people played at online casino sites until they saw the figures: The number of people who were addicted to internet gambling had tripled in the past three years.

West Virginian gambling experts believe that the rise in the number of people playing at online casino sites have risen due to a number of factors. Firstly, they believe that the easy accessibility of online casino sites make it tempting for gamblers to sit and play for long hours at a stretch. There is no need for gamblers to physically take themselves off to a land-based casino – they can wager at the favorite online casino sites from their own salons. Secondly, people have become more computer-savvy and are not afraid to enter previously taboo sites from their own home PC’s.

A growing number of 18-25 year-olds are also discovering the world of online casino gambling. These youngsters are probably getting their first paychecks and are keen to find out what all the hype surrounding online casino gambling is all about. While authorities have no chance of banning internet gambling, they can make a point of teaching responsible betting habits – both online and offline.

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