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Washington Worries About Online Casino Hazards

With online casino gaming on the rise around the world, you would expect that the U.S. government would be hurrying to enable Americans to win money at online casinos so that the government could begin to collect taxes on any winnings that might be able to be counted as income. But instead, the U.S. government is looking out for voters and gamblers alike by being wary of unregulated – and even self-regulated – online casino companies and applying old laws to new technology until modern laws are drafted.

Many are those American online gamblers who hold bitterness toward Washington for taking a hard line against online casino gambling, but these gamblers are usually thinking not with their heads but their hearts. It is understandable that they want to win money, but the U.S. government would prefer legal, regulated lotteries and casinos in the U.S. (or overseas) for Americans to gamble at rather than the “tax haven huggers” that are likely a great majority of online casino companies.

There may be one day when online casino companies and online gambling in general gains full acceptance in the United States, but it will likely be when many other countries in the world have taken the steps to legalize gambling online and create a regulated, trustworthy online casino industry in the eyes of Washington. When that happens, you can bet there will be smiles on those who are currently wearing frowns.

OCA News Editor

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