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Online Casinos Non-Issue in U.S. Elections

It is entirely doubtful that online gambling will play any sort of role in the mid-term elections this year in the United States, but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere, wishes that online casinos were as hot-buttonish a topic as immigration or abortion. How can this be bet upon? People are nuts a lot of the time, and they have their desires and fetishes and wishes. And seeing online casino gambling gain legal status and cultural acceptance in the United States (not just gambling, which has acceptance, but online gambling) is a wish deep in the hearts of many, many people.

Such a wish might not seem to make sense to the average person or even the average, casual online gambler. The average gambler, though, probably doesn’t live for gambling. The people that likely wish that online casino gambling was legal or at least a hot-button issue during election season are the wishers and dreamers who would like to be able to become professional online casino gamblers, never leaving their homes to make money but instead wagering it legally and winning it legally from the comfort of their own homes any time of the day, week, month or year.

Online casino games will still be played in the United States whether online gambling is legal or not, and so even while it has faced official discrimination (often in view of the benefits of protecting Americans from fraud) there is no real need to make online casino gambling a hot button issue. The U.S. is one of the most significant, powerful markets for the online casino industry and this trend doesn’t seem set to change anytime soon.

OCA News Editor