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Why Many in U.S. Oppose Online Casino Gambling

If the United States is ever to join the wider online gambling community, first what needs to change is the attitude of lawmakers and gambling opponents alike. Those who misjudge the anti-online gambling stance of the government as thinking that Washington just wants to deny online gamblers the chance to play and win games online are doing both their government and themselves a disservice. It is unfair to categorize anti-online casino politicians as “bad people” when they stand in opposition to online casino gambling, because those who bad mouth politicians for their opposition to online gambling usually don’t have all the info about why so-and-so is against online gambling.

There are real concerns in the U.S. about permitting Americans to gamble online, and failure by the online casino companies themselves to address such concerns only adds to the discomfort of elected representatives in Washington, the unelected officials in the Department of Justice, and ordinary Americans who might gamble online regardless of the government’s stance on it were it not for the perceived shadiness of the online casino gambling industry.

While disconcerting for online gamblers, U.S. official policy toward online casinos is a right of the U.S. government to make. And while the government is opposed to online gambling at the moment, there seems to be no shortage of online casino gamblers in the U.S. who defy the de facto ban on gambling over the internet…Americans make up a significant percentage of those who gamble online. If, in a democracy, people power is real power, and that power is expressed through representatives in Congress and state government, then it might behoove the online casino industry to respect U.S. law and get American gamblers to agitate on behalf of the online gambling industry.

OCA News Editor