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Online Casino Site Buys Spears’ and Federline’s Wedding Invitation

Golden Palace, a leading online casino known around the globe and especially in the US, has done it yet again. The online casinos site famous for its zany, wacky and outlandish publicity stunts, has just bought Britney Spears’ and Kevin Federline’s wedding invitation and candle (the actual wedding favor from the event) for a whopping US 2,150 dollars. You might say that is a steep price to pay for a wedding invitation that has already passed, but this online casino is usually ready to pay anything to get its name in the press.

‘Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are always in the public eye,’ said Golden Palace CEO Richard Rowe. ‘When we saw this item up for bid, we knew that we had to add it to our collection.’ This is a very true statement from the CEO of the famous online casino, and he is correct in thinking that adding these items to the online casino collection was a smart move on behalf of the online gambling site.

Although the wedding ceremony was very secretive and exclusive to a very select few in the US, Spears’ and Federline’s marriage is very much in the open now. This online casino has capitalized on many of the Spears’ family items, such as a pacifier used by Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn and the Britney Spears Home Pregnancy Test, which shows a positive result of pregnancy from the super star. It is clear to see that this online casino knows how to do business and it will surely find something even more crazy to buy to help spread its name across the US and the rest of the globe.

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