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Online Casino Hosts Fourth Annual Lingerie Bowl

Horizon Productions, Inc. and Bodog, a leading online casino and sports betting site, have recently announced the return of the highly successful Super Bowl halftime special Bodog Lingerie Bowl IV. Online casinos and other football fans across the US and around the world are surely happy to know that this show has returned for its fourth season. Some of the teams who will be participating in the online casino site’s Lingerie Bowl include the San Francisco Seduction, Las Vegas Sin, Miami Caliente and the Atlanta Steam.

‘Along with your group of friends, beer and potato chips, the Lingerie Bowl has become a must-have for any Super Bowl party,’ said Creator & Executive Producer Mitch Mortaza. This is an understatement according to many online casino male fans who love US football and beautiful women. In just three seasons, the Lingerie Bowl has become a staple of the US Super Bowl. Only an online casino could bring this kind of event and production to the US and the rest of the world.

So when will this Super Bowl special be aired? Sunday, February 4th, 2007 looks like the day men across the US will be tuning in, not only for great football, but also for an edgy, sexy half-time show that will surely bring male bonding to a whole new meaning. Online casino fans should definitely watch this broadcast as well – they may have some bets going on these teams by then! Either way you cut it, this show is going to be talked about throughout the online casino world and the land-based football lover’s realm everywhere.

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