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Online Casino Takes Part in Da Vinci Code Craze

As everyone around the world, and especially in the US, knows the Da Vinci Code – the novel and now the film – is sweeping the world with its mystery and intrigue. Recently, Wild Jack, a leading online casino, has announced a promotion where players can crack the code to win cash prizes as well as an opportunity to hit the biggest prize of them all – a weekend for two at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Online casinos players who enjoy gambling at online casino sites, and adore this interesting story, will surely be flocking to Wild Jack for their chance to win.

So what is the promotion called? It is quite appropriately named ‘The Slot Code’, and it requires online casino players to download the game, deposit US 50 dollars and try to break the code hidden in the picture to be one of 25 lucky online casino players to win US 100 dollars! But online gamblers will have to hurry – the competition closes at midnight on Wednesday, June 28th, 2006.

With all of the hype and commotion of this famous film, it is not surprising that an online casino would try and cash in on its popularity in the US and around the world. If this online casino stunt will prove successful, which it seems it will, the online gambling public will probably witness a surge in the Da Vinci Code regarding online casinos games and other great bonuses and promotions. So if you’re a fan of the code, check out Wild Jack today! Who knows? You could be the one to crack it!

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