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Online Casino Releases Film Reviews by ‘Ebert and Roeper’

Online casino bettors have a new kind of betting available to them thanks to Bodog, a leading online casino sports and props betting site. The online gambling leader has just started offering odds on whether Chicago Sun-Times film critics, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, will give favorable, unfavorable, or mixed reviews during their weekly US syndicated television show. Online casinos fans who love to vote for Oscar winners and on other online casino props bets will surely be wagering their money on these odds.

‘We are all film critics to some degree and since most of us will never get a chance to make our movie picks on national TV, having a small stake in the outcome of Ebert and Roeper’s recommendations is the next best thing,’ said Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of the online casino. Bettors can already start placing their bets on how Ebert and Roeper will vote on the new motion pictures, ‘The Omen’, a remake of the 1976 horror classic which starred famous actor Gregory Peck, and ‘The Break-Up’, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaghn. The choices of voting combinations are as follows: ‘The Omen’: Two thumbs up is at 1/1 odds, Two thumbs down at 3/2 odds and a Split Decision is at 8/5 odds. ‘The Break-up’ has Two thumbs up at 9/5 odds, Two thumbs down at 3/2 odds and Split Decision at 1/1 odds. If you’re an online casino bettor who loves to wager on props bets, this is the time to try your luck at winning some major cash!

So go ahead and give Ebert and Roeper a shot. With their fame and popularity in the US, it’s always fun to try and predict what they are going to say as critics, and to try and provide commentary on the films yourself. Bodog online casino is giving you the opportunity to be involved in this process, so go for it! Only at this online casino could you find such a fun prop bet to put your money on!

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