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Online Casino Jackpot Approaches US 4,000,000 Dollar Mark

Crypto Logic Millionaire’s Club, a leading online casino software company, has a progressive slot that just won’t stop climbing. As of now, the online casino jackpot is beyond the US 3,043,035 dollars mark. If this continues, the online casinos jackpot will be well on its way to reaching a milestone amount of US 4,000,000 dollars! If it reaches this mammoth amount, it will surpass all previous records as an increase in the number of online gamblers log on to the Crypto Logic powered sites to try their luck at becoming very, very wealthy.

So what is the rate of growth on a daily basis with this online casino progressive jackpot? It is estimated that well over US 35,000 dollars is added to the pot every day, according to Inter Casino manager Ryan Hartley. According to him, this jackpot is ‘…the most popular online casino jackpot we have ever seen on the Internet.’ This very well may be true. Slot players from all over the world are running to online casinos carrying the Crypto Logic progressive in hopes of hitting it rich.

Whether or not this progressive jackpot will be hit it will continue to make headlines. If someone wins big, they will re-write online casino history. And if it remains unclaimed, one can only guess at how big the pot will grow. Either way, this jackpot will be the center of attention where the online casino world is concerned. So if you’re a slots fan, and you want to test your skill, this might be the perfect chance for you.

OCA News Editor