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Online Casino Player Wins with Help of Dog

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend – or a woman’s. Having a canine friend can contribute a great deal to one’s life – loyal companionship, fun times, and a nurturing connection between owner and pet. It seems, though, that one very lucky online casino player thought of her dog as her own personal casino coach. Magamill, as the online casinos player is known, had already taken US 300 dollars from her initial US 25 dollar wager. When she paused to see if her dog wanted to go for a walk or have a snack, her furry friend stared back, according to Magamill, as if to urge her to continue playing at the online casino. And with her next US 15 dollar bet, she won US 350 dollars, more than doubling her winnings!

‘I figured I was really ahead now and should probably quit with my $650,’ she says. ‘But I looked down at Shelby [her dog] and this beast looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, ‘Keep playing, stupid!’ So, I did…and yes, you got it, I hit the fifth Jack on the top line! I couldn’t believe my eyes, another 375 bucks.’ That is one amazing online casino story! Who would have thought that Magamill would be so lucky? And that the reason she kept playing at the online casino had to do with the look her canine friend gave her when she was ready to quit?

Taking home nearly US 1,000 dollars, Magamill finally stopped playing at the online casino while she was ahead. She wasn’t going to risk continuing – her streak was lucky enough! It seems that anyone anywhere can win at the online casino – if they have a little skill, a little bit of faith, and of course, a lot of luck! Or maybe all they really need is a smart canine pet who can ‘advise’ you win to hold and when to fold.

OCA News Editor