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Online Casino Hands Out Free Gas

Have you filled your tank today? Are you frightened, no matter where you are in the US, at the prices of gas? The answer most likely is, yes. Do to various factors – the war in Iraq, crude oil prices, and dealings with the Middle East – the price of petrol just seems to keep climbing. And there is nothing we can do about it. But one online casino felt that it could. Poker Share, a leading online casino, offered the people of New York free gas last week, as a way to spread the word about their new online casinos site and relieve some of the burden placed on people today regarding gas prices.

Casino Share, the newly launched site, was the reason for this generous gift. The Westside Highway Mobil station was the center of attention, and included a live DJ and other festivities. Considering the line was huge, it was nice of the online casino to provide entertainment for the waiting petrol fillers. With all of the controversy you read about in the news regarding online casino sites and online gambling, it is always refreshing to see how these operators can give back to the community as well.

Lucan Toh, CEO of the online casino site had this to say about the bold marketing campaign: ‘Poker Share has earned a reputation for its creative marketing and people expect us to constantly exceed their expectations. New Yorkers will experience first hand the magic of Poker Share’s ‘give back’ gesture.’ Indeed they did! Free gas and a fun time while they got it – these New Yorkers got a taste of the ‘real life’ part of online casino gambling.

OCA News Editor