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Online Casino Wins Prized Ukulele in Auction

That’s right. Golden Palace, one of the leading online casino sites around the world, has done it again. In another eBay auction, the online casino has won a prized ukulele, autographed by Warren Buffet, for a whopping US 11,211.11 dollar bid. The online gambling site, based in Antigua, is popular for its outlandish and crazy advertising stunts, and buying this item will definitely help this online casinos site make headlines once again.

‘Warren Buffett is quite the icon for many, many people, Jeff Kay, online casino spokesman, said in an interview. ‘He is involved in many charities, and to have our name even associated with him is quite an honor.’ Proceeds of the auction will help benefit Omaha Children’s Hospital, which is part of the Children’s Miracle Network. Kay said the online casino intends to display the ukulele in a ‘traveling museum’ it sends to U.S. and Canadian cities.

Warren Buffett is a famous man, known all over the US and the world for his investing discipline. He runs insurance and investment company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He loves playing the ukulele and was pleased to be a part of this auction and charity event. The investment tycoon is accustomed to holding auctions for charity, and does so by auctioning off lunches on eBay to benefit the Glide Foundation, a San Francisco non-profit organization that offers programs for the poor, hungry and needy. Helping this online casino will help many people in turn. This online casino once again set a new standard for fame and fortune, through a worthy cause.

OCA News Editor