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Online Casino Marketing Strategy Takes New Angle

Golden Palace, a leading online casino, has decided to take on a new marketing strategy. The famous online gambling site, known for its zany and outlandish marketing and advertising techniques, has commissioned Ward Media, a direct marketing agency, to use the ‘Coldbreaker Game Card’ in a new online casino promotion to stimulate business for the online casinos giant.

Philip Friedman, Ward Media CEO said, ‘We are constantly reviewing new initiatives that have the ability to transcend the online/offline divide.’ He believes that this new electronic game card campaign is one product that can accomplish just that. Because the online casino and Ward Media have worked together successfully in the past, it was only natural for the online casino leader to re-hire this marketing agency.

In the world of online casino sites, including players from the US, customers seem to linger for a while, and eventually move on. The electronic game card is being touted as a mechanism to win back online casino fans, by hopefully locking them into the system and drawing them in to come back for more. It’s also believed that the electronic game card will be able to turn free players into real money ones. This new online casino campaign is set to launch in June of this year. Whether or not this joint venture will work remains to be seen, although if past performance and success serve as any indication, Golden Palace and Ward Media will hit the nail directly on the head.

OCA News Editor