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The US’s Perception of Online Casino Gambling

The American Gaming Association recently set out to get some answers to some interesting questions regarding online casino gambling. The association wanted to get the public’s view on online casino gambling, to see if it was favorable in the eyes of the American people, and if they felt that it was doing well as an industry. So what did the AGA find in its study? The first thing it discovered was an increase in online casinos revenues – they were up about 5% nationwide last year. Approximately one-third of that money was generated in Las Vegas, Nevada, where, unlike in other parts of the US, gambling is legal.

In addition, according to the poll, 83% of Americans perceive gambling and online casino gambling as a personal choice and 80% percent view it as acceptable. Online casino sites and land-based casinos are now also beginning to be considered as viable resources for the community to help increase revenue and correct long-standing issues in the area. Slot machines and horse racing tracks have already become legalized in many states, and many more are beginning to address the issue of state-sponsored casinos.

It’s been widely estimated that Americans make up about 60% of all online casino gaming revenue. Because online casino sites are so convenient, and Americans love convenience, online casinos are extremely popular and assessable to the US citizens who love to gamble and have fun with minimum effort. How the US will rule regarding the legalization and regulation of online casinos still remains to be seen. In the meantime, more and more Americans will continue to gamble online.

OCA News Editor