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US Law Officials Discuss Online Casino Industry

Online casinos will be facing a day of judgement, tribulation, and discussion when June 2nd finally arrives. The NCLGS, or National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, will hold a session to take on this controversial and prominent issue regarding one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Online casino sites are quickly becoming the favorite pastime for many people, both in the US and worldwide. The lawmakers of this council realize that online gambling and the world of online casino sites cannot be ignored anymore. Florida Senator, Steven Geller, makes this point.

‘NCLGS believes that Internet gaming is a states’ rights issue, and states should ultimately have final say over its existence in the U.S.’ He goes on to explain that the findings of various research organizations, like the World Trade Organization, state initiatives regarding the Internet, and Department of Justice rules, must all be taken under advisement when making final decisions on how to proceed regarding online casino sites and state laws. With so much scrutiny and debate regarding online casino sites, this might not be the last session this council will hold regarding the online gambling industry.

The measure to finally discuss these issues in a forum that accepts the growth and strong presence of the online casino world is a step forward as far as operators and patrons of online casino sites are concerned. Where this session will lead is still uncertain. But the fact that the online casino industry is being discussed fully, and for the purpose of possible legalization and regulation purposes, is a definite change from past dealings with this growing field of entertainment.

OCA News Editor