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Online Casino Industry Studies Lost Taxation Issue

If you’re an online casino fan who has ever wondered how much of your money goes to line the pockets of offshore firms, Tax Online Gambling can tell you. The new register of “lost taxes” has been set up to push for the legalization of the online casino industry in the U.S. and hopes to influence the government in formulating a new approach toward gambling at online casino sites.

Tax Online Gambling is affiliated with the online casino poker industry’s movement, known as “Keep it Legal.” The rapidly growing Poker Player’s Alliance is also a driving force behind “Keep it Legal” and boasts prominent members such as Chris Ferguson, Grey Raymer and Howard Lederer. The new site is working at arranging affiliate relationships with a series of online casino sites, and provides code for webmasters to place the register on their sites. It is hoped that by doing so, the online casino industry will increase awareness concerning lost taxation revenue, and will encourage U.S. casino players to become more vocal in their support for their favourite pastime.

It is predicted that billions in tax revenue is lost to mainly Caribbean nations due to the U.S. government’s anti-gambling stance. Online casino fans in Britain however are soon to welcome in legislation that fully legalizes and regulates the online casino industry. It is expected to generate millions of pounds in tax for the government and benefit local community groups.

OCA News Editor