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How Americans Gamble at an Online Casino

If the world is split between gamblers and non-gamblers, where do Americans fall? Sure, the U.S. has Vegas and Atlantic City, Reno and Gulf Coast riverboat-style casinos, but if the U.S. is a nation of risk-takers and gamblers why is it that the U.S. government turns such a wary eye to the online casino industry? The fact is, Americans love to gamble, but those whom they’ve elected to office are not necessarily as inclined as much of the American people to gamble online in the way that they like to do.

Just because the U.S. government is opposed to online casino gambling doesn’t mean Americans themselves are opposed to it. In fact, in poll after poll it is revealed that a large part of the American people are opposed not to online casinos, but rather to a ban on online casinos. Not all Americans gamble online, but even those who do not want the option of being able to spend the money they earn as they see fit. And so, online casino gambling and the American culture of risk-taking go well together, especially when combined with American concerns about privacy rights.

In the end, online casino gambling in the U.S. meets with the approval of Americans because they like to take risks, they like to gamble (just look at the success and cultural place of Las Vegas in the American conscious), and they like the internet. When you combine hobbies, this makes more people want to do them. Well, online casino gambling is like that, and you cannot exclude Americans as a class of gamblers unto themselves unlike others in the world, whether Washington looks favorably upon online casino gambling or not.

OCA News Editor