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Generating U.S. Support for Online Casinos

With the U.S. government opposed to online casino gambling, what methods of support can online casinos garner in an attempt to gain legitimacy in America? Online casino companies these days tend to think about their bottom lines and stock options more than their customers, the gamblers, but there are probably enough online casino gamblers in the U.S. to make up a good-sized lobby of their own. If the oil industry can have a lobby, why can’t online casinos? Well, they could – if only they stopped for a moment to take a look at the potential people power they could rally.

There are thousands of U.S. online gamblers out there, who would be quite upset – though not incredibly upset – if online casino gambling was subjected to a concerted campaign of banishment or prevention in the U.S. If online casinos truly valued their customers, and wanted to keep them in a democratic country, they could always rally them to their support. However, since the U.S. already technically views online casino gambling as illegal, it could be that the government wouldn’t look too highly on those making an effort to fight for online casino gambling. It might be counterproductive.

The likelihood, though, of online casino operators remembering their customers in an era where stockholders are valued more than those who helped make online casinos the successful businesses they are is slim to none. At least for the moment this is the case, until online casino companies begin offering more than just petty bonuses for high-roller gamblers and start, with the billions available to them, offering great deals for the regular online casino gambler as well. This, too, might not ever happen, as it is the high-rollers that win and then, by wagering some of their winnings, reinvest in the online casino again and again.

OCA News Editor