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If Gambling Online Was Legal in America

If online casino gambling was ever to gain acceptance in the corridors of U.S. power, would it make much of a difference for the online casino industry as a whole, which while devoting some attention to the U.S. tends to focus its attention elsewhere in the world where online casinos can be expected to be received if, not with outright hospitality, then at least more sympathy and acceptance than they receive in the States now? Anything is possible, but at the same time in an era of the slipping dollar it could be that euros or even the Chinese yuan becomes the preferred currency of choice when playing casino games online.

We don’t know when or if the U.S. government will ever change its mind about online gambling. Therefore, to speculate now on what would happen worldwide due to online casino acceptance by Washington is a bit premature. However, looking at things economically, it probably would not make that much of a worldwide impact but definitely one on the American economy itself. With the freedom to gamble online without government hassles or overbearing restrictions, and ads all over the place, it would likely be the case that more Americans would set aside some money to gamble online every now and then.

Would it replace visits to land based casinos? Probably not. Online casino gambling appeals largely to those who like to gamble but who might not have the time to go to or even the access to regular casino gambling environments. Even out in the boonies, if you’ve got an internet connection you can gamble in your own home thanks to online casino companies. And so, if online casino gambling ever gains a place in the above-the-table gambling world of the U.S. market, there would be change – but probably minimal, given that so many Americans gamble online already.

OCA News Editor