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The Most Popular Online Casino Game in U.S.

What is the most popular online casino game in America? The answer to this shouldn’t surprise you in the least – it’s online poker. That’s not necessarily a statement of pure fact, but rather an assertion based on the available information. Because Americans make up a significant percentage of online gamblers, and in the online casino gambling world online poker is king, it makes perfect sense to translate American dollars into online poker game popularity. Then, aside from poker, what is the most popular online casino game amongst U.S. online gamblers today?

Slots has quite a following in the United States today, but then since slots originated in the U.S. that shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, the modern gambling industry as we know it, whether online or offline, owes a lot to the most powerful country that doesn’t allow online casino gambling within its borders. Anyway, slots is popular in both the multi-line varieties and the traditional, though now virtually done, pull-the-lever versions of yore. But slots is not the only game that finds friendly loyalists in the U.S. at online casino sites.

There are many other games, but blackjack is one that stands out aside from poker and slots in the hearts and minds of quite a few online casino gamblers from the U.S. Why? Because online blackjack is a relatively easy game to play, it’s quick, and widely available on the world wide web. Its ease of play might keep it from becoming as popular as online poker, but blackjack on its own is a great and somewhat popular way for U.S. online gamblers to pass the time when playing casino games online.

OCA News Editor