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Where Online Casino Gamblers Reside in U.S.

What state has the most online casino users in it in the United States? The problem with a question like that is with an unregulated industry such as online casino gambling is in the U.S., data to support or debunk an answer just isn’t really available. There is, of course, economic data that says those who make bets at online casinos in the U.S. can afford to do so even if they lose a bit of money, but as far as privacy rights are concerned people are quite wary of revealing too much that might bring the Justice Department’s anti-online casino gambling people to their door.

It can probably be safely said that those states which do not highly regard online casino gambling probably do not have the largest gambling share on the internet. For example, you can probably count out Utah as being a state that has a large percentage of online casino gamblers living within its borders. Right next door, though, there is already a state that has a high opinion of gambling in general that might, just might, have a soft spot in its society for online casinos. Yes, of course, we’re talking about Nevada.

But does Nevada have the largest share of online casino gamblers in America? Possibly, but maybe not. After all, a lot of people choose to gamble at an online casino because regular casinos aren’t close to them. Nevada has casino locations all over the state. Even at gas stations and in airports. So it is likely that online casino gamblers in America reside all over the place, probably in middle class or upper class neighborhoods with one or more internet connection and computer in the home. In short, U.S. online casino gambling will not necessarily be ended just by one or two states adopting anti-online casino laws.

OCA News Editor