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Paradoxes of Online Casino Gambling in the U.S.

Online casinos in the United States are few and far between, while the number of online casinos existing and basing their servers overseas are many. Is this a normal aspect, the strange dichotomy of one of America’s most popular online activities for their homes actually being based overseas? When you remember that online gambling is technically considered illegal in the United States, then yes…it is normal. One day online casinos might be legal in the U.S., but until then it is important to remember that they are not.

Gambling at an online casino, while considered by the U.S. government to be illegal, is still something that Americans do on a regular basis. And they do it a lot, more than you probably think. So how is it, then, that there can be such a glaring disconnect between members of the U.S. populace and members of the U.S. government? That is one of the quirks of the democratic system – members of government, specifically the Congress and President, are elected to be their representatives and enforcers of law.

This results in a slight temporary ceding of power to members of the U.S. government, and means that when it comes to decision making about online casino gambling in the U.S., legislators often feel on an issue such as this they are not beholden to their voters. This is why Americans are so often in favor of online gambling at an online casino, but their representatives in state capitols or Washington are not.

OCA News Editor