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Gambling House Busted in Jefferson County

A gambling house was discovered in Jefferson County as the result of widespread and ongoing search for gambling machines and operations in this area. Even though gambling is illegal in Jefferson County, U.S.A, it did not stop gambling operators from installing game machines in a house and operating a gambling business from the neighborhood. Jefferson County officials have an ongoing investigation into wagering activity in the area. Very recently, they discovered that a house in the 1600 block of Nolino Drive was operating slot machines. As a result, the house was raided and the slot machines seized.

The gambling activity apparently took place right under the noses of the officials. It is not very often that gambling activities are hidden in the confinements of a residential home and officials were surprised to find that the seventeen slot-type machines were scattered among the four rooms of the house. One room contained a stove, a fridge.. and two slot machines. The officials also announced that a small amount of cash was found during the raid, most probably cash that was obtained through the illegal gambling activity that took place in the house.

Jefferson County officials also noted that the gambling activity had been going on for about three months now and drew the gambling public from neighboring areas such as Woodlawn and Star City. The raid shed new light on other wagering activities in the area and the police are hoping to also bring a stop to these in the very near future.

OCA News Editor