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Kansas Considering Expanding Gambling Industry

Kansans are divided at present over whether to expand a current gambling bill in order to increase gambling facilities in the state. The potential of such an expansion could mean $200 million in state revenue and a further few thousand gambling related jobs. Proponents are convinced that expanded gambling would be an economic force that could ease the state’s school financing problems without forcing the state to raise taxes. Opponents counter that addiction and other social taboos would ensue and take its toll on individuals and families.

One of the proponents admitted that they were not crazy about the idea of expanded gambling, but felt that the benefits would outweigh the disadvantages. He said that he felt that if gambling was introduced in a controlled and responsible manner, with all the negative factors taken into account and prepared for, then the benefit of gambling to the state could be great.

One of the officials said that they were very aware that Kansans already enjoy gambling at various locations and online. He said that it would be a shame for the state not to benefit from some of this already existing revenue and felt that gambling can be used as a means to an end – increased tourism, increased jobs and increased revenues.

OCA News Editor