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Online Casino Gambling and the USA

The online casino industry and the U.S. government have never been the best of friends, but is it possible that one day in the future the online gambling industry and Washington will be able to work together for the benefit of online gamblers not just in America, but in Europe and elsewhere around the world? The likelihood at this juncture of history doesn’t appear good, but you never do know what course history will take, especially when it comes to online casino gambling. Ten years ago, the online casino industry was just getting started out and online casino critics thought that gambling over the internet was a fad that would go away.

But since that time, online casino companies have grown to immense financial proportions, necessitating IPOs on the London Stock Exchange, news in the international mainstream media, and many more publicity-worthy aspects of a popular industry having to do with gambling on the internet. Online casino gambling is as popular as many other forms of computer gaming, and still the U.S. government stands opposed to online gambling. Will this go on forever? Probably not, but as it was alluded to earlier, history and gambling tends to be as unpredictable as regular historical events.

The odds are not in favor of online casino companies gaining acceptance with the government of the USA anytime soon. But still, online casino companies are offering services which are getting snapped up by American gamblers, showing that whatever their elected and unelected representatives think, online casino gambling and America are, in some sort of way, friendlier than most people elsewhere might think.

OCA News Editor