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Ten Arrested in Illegal Horse Gambling Raid

Police in Hall Country, Atlanta, have arrested ten is a suspected horse gambling ring. The illegal horse gambling used to take place on a deserted farm. After several months of investigations, police from Hall County in Atlanta have raided and arrested ten people in a suspected illegal horse gambling ring. Hall County is dotted by farms spread out over vast land and most of them are in the poultry trade. The horse gambling was alleged to have taken place on one of the farms in a deserted field which included a 30 meter race track which was a perfect venue for the horse race gambling.

On Sunday night, Hall County investigators, assisted by local, state and federal officers, raided the property where the suspected horse gambling took place. The property, owned by 50-year-old Vincente Escandon, contained a quarter-mile dirt racing track for horses. The area discovered included portable toilets for spectators, bleachers for the crowds and stalls where various items were sold. The police said that it looked like a very organized and well-set up establishment and they are not sure for how long the horse gambling had gone on.

Most of the spectators were simply watching the event, but it seems that quite a few were involved in gambling. The owner and nine other men were arrested. The sheriff said that it was the first time he had seen a gambling ring involving horse racing. He assessed that the investigation could reveal more wide spread gambling into areas outside of Hall County.

OCA News Editor