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Online Poker and U.S. Online Casino Gambling

Seeing as how poker truly got its big break in the U.S., how is poker faring in the world’s only superpower? Truth be told, it would probably be a lot better if the online casinos industry was legitimately considered by U.S. government officials to be a safe and legal hobby for Americans to engage in. However, online casino gambling sites, usage and operations are seen as illegal in America. While this doesn’t stop online casinos from having operations there (though many think it should) and while Americans gamble online anyway (helping to up a significant percentage of the online casinos industry’s revenues), things could be a lot better.

If online casino companies were allowed to operate and advertise freely in the U.S., the increase in profits would be far from marginal. Online casino gambling in the U.S. is already high, but legalizing online casino operations and usage via a federal law would enable online casino companies to reach even more potential customers in the United States than they do via their current methods, which other than by subterfuge usually involves internet-based advertising.

Online casino companies would like to see online gambling legalized in the U.S. because it would take a major psychological stigma about the online gambling industry away from it. Denial of legitimacy by Washington might actually be a cause for pride by some, especially in Latin American countries like Bolivia and Venezuela these days, but acceptance by the U.S. government brings in profits of a kind that you can’t always get in Europe and that will not likely be coming out of China’s growing economy (and censored society) anytime soon.

OCA News Editor